If you are accused of a sex crime, you’ll need a criminal defense attorney with experience defending people in your specific position. It’s important to consider the case and find the right attorney that can help you fight for your rights to achieve a fair trial. Your lawyer will ask you many questions about your case so that they can build a defense that will work to help you properly defend yourself in a court of law. It is absolutely crucial to not hide things from your sex crimes attorney Los Angeles so that they can have a prepared defense strategy.

Here are the things your lawyer wants you to know about defending sex crimes so that you can prepare for the upcoming trial.

Sex crimes are difficult to defend

Many sex crimes happen with very little evidence for the defense team. A lot of them are a he-said, she-said case that will involve more work for the lawyer since they can’t use evidence to prove your innocence. Often times, sex crimes do involve the use of alcohol, especially on college campuses, making it even harder to defend when the defendant has trouble remembering what happened. There are many different kinds of sex crimes, and the ones that involve children are even harder to defend because children often have an imagination that surpasses reality, while the jury may look at them as innocents and take pity on them instead of listening to the truth.

Your lawyer can defend you even if you are guilty  

Defense attorneys are ethically bound to represent all of their clients, whether they are innocent or not. In many cases, your lawyer will not know whether or not you’re innocent. Even if you say you did it or didn’t do it, they don’t actually know the truth because they weren’t there. Your lawyer can still defend you to the best of their ability if you come clean with them and tell them that you committed the crime. Defense attorneys may never even ask their clients if they committed the crime because it doesn’t matter to them since their job is to defend you. Instead, they will use facts to give you the best possible defense and leave the question of guilt to the judge or jury.

Lawyers put their career on the line for you

Defending you could cost the lawyer their reputation. If you are involved in a high-controversy case, your lawyer may put their professional reputation on the line to give you the best possible defense. In some cases, their professional peers may believe your guilt and think less of the lawyer defending you, even though their ethics dictate that everyone deserves the right to an attorney.  Some great lawyers put their ethics above all else and choose to defend their clients no matter what. Almost any case will affect the career of your lawyer, so you can rest assured knowing that they’re working for the best possible outcome.

You have to be honest with your lawyer

There’s some information your lawyer needs in order to defend your case to the best of their ability. A strong defense is the best way for you to avoid conviction or get a plea bargain, so being honest with your lawyer about these things will only help you. You should be honest with your lawyer about these things:

Your criminal history

Many people may keep their criminal past from their attorneys. This can only hurt you and your case. Your attorney should know everything there is to know about your criminal history as they can easily affect the outcome of your next court case.  A past conviction can be used against you by the prosecution to convey you in a certain light. Keeping this information from your attorney can be detrimental as it doesn’t give them all the necessary information a prosecution might use against you. When your attorney begins the negotiation of a plea agreement, the terms may depend on your past criminal history, so it’s crucial they don’t get any surprises.

Who was involved in the crime

Your lawyer will already know that you may have been involved in the crime, but it’s important to let them know who else was there that could serve as potential witnesses. A witness can place you at the scene of the crime or away from the crime completely, so it’s important to give this information to your attorney so they can begin forming your defense.

Your police statement

When you were arrested, you may or may not have exercised your right to remain silent. If you did speak to the police, you need to tell your defense attorney everything that you said to them. Before you were arrested, you may have had to make a statement or may have said something during your arrest that could be detrimental to the case. Because anything you say can and will be used against you, your lawyer needs to know what you said so that they can effectively prepare for the case.

Any history you have with the victim

Whether you have a history with the victim or not, your lawyer will need to know. You’ll need to tell your defense attorney how you know them, for how long, and what the nature of the relationship is. This will help them get a better idea of what they’ll be up against when it comes to the prosecution. The State already knows all of this information, so in order to create a solid defense, this information is absolutely critical. Whether you do or do not have a history with the victim, your lawyer will use that information to develop your defense. If you don’t tell your lawyer the truth, they can be blindsided in court, which can negatively affect your entire defense.


The existence and location of any evidence against you could be the cause of your conviction. Your lawyer needs to know whether there is any evidence and where it is located so that they can help you build a defense. The State can find almost any necessary evidence they need, so it’s important that your lawyer doesn’t get surprised when the court day arrives. You always want your lawyer to be prepared for anything the prosecution can throw at them so that they can create a defense with the best chances of no conviction.

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