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The term cybercrime refers to any criminal activity that takes place online. If you are accused, under investigation for, or are arrested for a crime in cyberspace, you’ll need a cybercrime lawyer on your side. Many cybercrimes go against both state and federal laws and can carry a hefty fine plus time in prison. Instead…

California is known for being the cultural hub of the world. The west coast’s most significant state is also the technology capital of the world. Silicon Valley is home to companies like Google, Apple, and Facebook. Coincidentally, California can also call itself the cybercrime capital of the U.S.  If you or someone you know has…

From pop culture TV shows to recent ballot measures, it seems that drugs are part of a national conversation. While some state laws are relaxing their hold on some drugs, things at the federal level are a little slower to move. That means understanding the legal side of drugs can be complicated. Illegal drugs, from…

Understanding the different types of sex crimes Sex crimes are a serious offense. A significant penalty associated with most sex crime conditions is registration as a sex offender. This penalty can be imposed for life, restricting your access to housing and renting options. Those who are registered sex offenders cannot live or go near a…

Our criminal justice system is founded on ideals such as “innocent until proven guilty,” checks and balances and requiring a high standard of proof by criminal prosecutors to prove guilt by “proof beyond a reasonable doubt.” These standards are intended to prevent the conviction of innocent parties who are accused of serious crimes. Unfortunately, many…

A defense lawyer is also referred to as a criminal lawyer. A criminal lawyer or defense lawyer is simply an attorney representing a defendant accused of a crime. The terms lawyer and attorney are also used interchangeably; a similar analogy would be auto and car. Los Angeles criminal defense lawyers do not have to prove a…



If the police have contacted you regarding a crime, get a criminal lawyer now to help prevent charges from being filed.


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