Did you know? Tax fraud is one of the most common offenses in the white-collar crime category. This federal charge typically has strong associations with executives and celebrities. However, anyone can be investigated by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and face serious charges and penalties. How Tax Crimes Are Identified The IRS has many departments…

So, you’ve been accused what tax fraud. What now? Tax fraud is a type of federal crime that involves intentionally failing to comply with tax law. This does not involve simple mistakes when filing taxes; If you make simple mistakes that were simply overlooked unintentionally when filing your taxes, the IRS may charge you with…

Filing taxes is something of a necessary evil.  The revenue from taxes allows us to live in a prosperous and orderly society, but it also can feel as if you’re giving your money away.  Onerous chore that it may be, the penalties can be steep if you decide to shirk your duties as a citizen…

Criminal Attorneys, the best ones, custom-make federal defenses for a charge of tax evasion of payroll taxes. If federal criminal attorneys were to use the same defenses for all cases, prosecutors would be able to anticipate what they’re next move would be and lodge an effective prosecution strategy. However, there are federal defenses that experienced criminal attorneys can tell…

The best federal defense by attorneys for tax crimes often involves preventing the case from being referred by the IRS to the U.S. Department of Justice for criminal prosecution. The likelihood of non-referral is highest at the beginning of an audit or an investigation and diminishes significantly with time. Once the case has been handed over to…



If the police have contacted you regarding a crime, get a criminal lawyer now to help prevent charges from being filed.


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