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Being investigated or charged with a felony by a federal agency is a frightening and often confusing situation. Following the September 11 attacks, the United States Federal Government has a number of powerful investigative tools and a myriad of resources that can be used to create a case against you, such as interception of calls, videotapes, espionage, etc.

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The United States Federal Government often organizes federal, state and local law enforcement officials to form a powerful prosecution team. In short, federal prosecutors have powerful tools to bring criminal charges against you and will not hesitate to do so.

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Common Types of Federal Crimes

Federal crimes in Los Angeles can cross state lines, involve federal agencies such as the post office, banks insured by the federal government, the SEC and HUD, or involve the Internet. The most common cases prosecuted at the federal level include drug trafficking, bank robbery and internet pornography.

Internet and Cyber Crimes

With most SMBs and companies digitizing their assets, black-hat hackers and cybercriminals have also started attacking more frequently. Reports show that 84% of U.S. organizations experienced ransomware attacks in the past year. These attacks varied from standard phishing scams to advanced crypto hacking techniques.

Drug Trafficking Crimes

The rising trend of illegal substance misuse compelled LA government officials to crack down on drug trafficking operations. After all, drug abuse rates have increased at an alarming pace in the past two years. LA reports even indicate that accidental drug overdose deaths in the state spiked by 48% in the first five months of the pandemic alone.

Bank Robberies

Armed robberies have slowly become a thing of the past. Most bank robberies nowadays happen in the form of ATM scams, such as phishing, skimming, and hacking.

All these felonies have grown relatively common. However, LA officers and agencies are typically on the lookout for ATM skimmers. Hackers have been skimming thousands of LA ATMs in the past year. The police have slowly investigated the case to identify the organization overseeing this whole operation.

Pornography Crimes

The popularization of social media apps gave sex offenders multiple platforms to produce, solicit, and distribute child pornography. In LA, most counts of child exploitation and obscenity transpired online.

Also, possessing child pornography classifies as sexual exploitation, regardless of whether you solicited it or received it from a stranger. You’ll have to prove your innocence if you are the victim of accidental child porn distribution.

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If you find yourself facing potential federal crime charges in Los Angeles, be careful! Federal agents have probably already gathered enough evidence against you. It may take months or even years to prepare a case. When you are being charged, they already carry an advantage over you. This makes it extremely important that you start your defense immediately through a federal criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles, CA.

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First, you need a Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer with extensive experience in the criminal and federal defense system.

Secondly, you need a team of defense attorneys and not just one. Your Los Angeles federal criminal defense attorney must be skillful, quick and receptive. Federal agents almost always have an advantage against you in the case preparation stage, so your team needs to catch up quickly to level the playing field.

The best defense depends on clever strategy. Your criminal defense team must develop solid strategies to counter the power of federal agents. Federal agents have access to sophisticated investigative tools such as interception of calls, videotapes, espionage and informants to get evidence to build their case.

Although espionage serves as an effective way to gather evidence for your case, not every defendant can investigate the opposing party. This issue especially applies to those facing wealthy individuals and organizations.

Fortunately, you don’t have to investigate the issue yourself. A skilled criminal defense team has the resources to secure the necessary videotapes, text messages, images, and audio recordings proving your innocence.

With the right strategy and aggressive approach, a competent federal criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles can neutralize any negative evidence the government presents.

Federal cases often involve political or other considerations that can be used in your favor to resolve the matter without a trial. However, if your federal case goes to trial, it is critical to have Los Angeles lawyers, such as LibertyBell Law Group, who are ready to aggressively defend you. Due to severe sentencing guidelines in a federal district court, losing is not an option. You only have one opportunity to choose the right Los Angeles defense lawyer to defend you.

Never forgo hiring a criminal lawyer. Having a criminal defense team on your side could make the difference between walking away free of charges and decades of incarceration. 

Let the professionals steer your case toward a favorable direction. Remember: federal crimes and offense charges will haunt you for the rest of your life, so clear your name right from the get-go. 

Otherwise, your charges could destroy your entire social and professional life. 

The specific criminal defense strategies that can be used depends on the details of your federal case. The United States Federal District Court System handles drug offenses, sexual offenses, white collar crimes and violent crimes.

LibertyBell’s law firm was specifically organized to defend people in Los Angeles, who are facing difficult or complicated federal criminal charges. We have the knowledge and experience to go face to face against the United States federal prosecutor and win. With help from the best legal talent in all federal jurisdictions, we are able to assemble criminal defense teams in Los Angeles as experienced as the government team.

Our federal sex crimes attorneys in Los Angeles have expertise and have generated an impressive record of excellent results. Our extensive network of lawyers in Los Angeles collaborates and shares information in a “brain trust” of federal defense strategies. Our Los Angeles federal lawyers use competent investigators and have the resources to get the best outcome for your case. You may also check sex crime lawyer and criminal defense attorneys in Los Angeles.

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Internet crime is a broad term that encompasses hacking, electronic theft, internet-terrorism, or any instance in which a criminal gains unauthorized access to a computer system for the purposes of stealing, corrupting, or altering data. As computers are often located across state borders, internet crime is prosecuted at the federal level.

Immigrants who have been accused of federal crimes require a vigorous criminal defense. The United States federal government has significant authority to deport and deny immigrants entry into the United States, even if the immigrant hasn’t been convicted of a crime. Certain federal crimes make an immigrant non-admissible, while other types of federal crimes make an immigrant deportable.

Under U.S. law, convicted felons cannot receive a green card. Even if you were wrongfully exploited and accused, you’d have no chance to redeem yourself once you’re convicted by the court. 

Other countries have varying immigration laws. However, very few would openly accept immigrants convicted of a felony.

Money laundering refers to the transfer or investment of illegally obtained funds in an attempt to mask the source of those funds and make them appear legitimate. Funds which were obtained through drug or weapons trafficking, human trafficking, wire fraud, theft, or other criminal activities can be considered laundered. An indictment of money laundering in the United States typically leads to an indictment of other criminal charges.

Racketeering, also known as RICO after the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, refers to a pattern of criminal offenses made by a group with a common purpose or any criminal course of conduct made by individuals who make up an enterprise.

Getting wrongfully charged for racketeering could lead to a life sentence depending on the case filed against you. Even if you minimize your sentence, you’ll have a hard time fitting into society. 

Felons convicted of racketeering, manslaughter, kidnapping, and other associated offenses typically have minimal chances of landing a job, opening a bank account, or even leasing an apartment.

Tax-related federal crimes in the United States can be a complicated one. Failure to file taxes honestly and in a timely manner is described as tax fraud and tax evasion. Tax fraud is broadly defined as a gross violation of tax laws, but more simply it can mean misrepresenting yourself when filing your taxes. It is one of the most common offenses in the white-collar crime category. Tax evasion, on the other hand, is an even more serious offense in the eyes of the law.  Tax evasion is deliberately altering or falsifying information when filing taxes.

Avoid getting convicted for tax and insurance fraud. Not only will you have difficulties landing jobs or securing new insurance policies, but you’ll also forfeit your future income tax benefits. You’ll also no longer be eligible for unemployment benefits and grants.

Weapons trafficking is the movement or transfer of firearms, guns, weapons, parts, or ammunition from a legal to illegal market. Weapons trafficking includes straw purchases or the transfer of a firearm from a legal owner to a possessor either not licensed to own it or have it during a crime or conspiracy to commit a crime.

You could face up to 50 years of federal imprisonment if the court convicts you of weapons trafficking — which basically equates to a life sentence. A five-decade sentence seems unfair unless you were behind the whole trafficking operation. Low-level grunt men and scapegoats shouldn’t have to face the consequences of their superior’s crime by themselves.


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