The mere accusation of a sex offense can have a devastating effect on your life, including serious damage to your reputation, career, and personal relationships. If convicted of a sex crime, you may face lifetime criminal records as a sex offender and suffer severe criminal charges and record legal penalties. Mandatory sex offender registration is one of the worst sanctions imposed for the majority of sex-related criminal acts. A sex crime conviction can follow you for the rest of your life, and sex crime charges can occur even when the only evidence is the victim’s word. Even a casual comment by a child, a complaint by a student, a doctor-patient relationship that has gone awry, or a difficult divorce can lead to possible charges. It is only you and your sex crime defense lawyer who can turn the sex offense case in your favor. That is why an investigation of a sex crime in Los Angeles must be taken seriously and defended aggressively by a reliable sex crime defense attorney. Due to the current political situation, there is a national effort to pursue sexual predators. The government has spent a lot of time and money to carry out sex crimes covert operations, and the media and prosecutors are playing with people’s fear.

The state routinely prosecutes sexual conduct in public, indecent exposure, and other obscene acts in public areas.

Public indecency can refer to any consenting or isolated sexual act committed in a public area.

It is crucial to be aware that there are additional sorts of sex crimes involving rape, such as statutory rape, spousal rape, and other violent or deceptive sexual actions that do not entail sexual intercourse.

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An artist who is an expert on children’s tattoos was charged with 2 counts of child sexual abuse at the hotel where he worked. The client faced a life maximum jail sentence in prison time. After substantial work by our team of criminal defense lawyers , including sex crime experts and other criminal defense resources, we were able to negotiate and obtain a surprising result of parole and immediate release from prison. Decorated Officer of the Air Force accused of statutory rape! The client faced 30 years in state prison and would have been registered as a sex offender. Our client would have lost everything from a distinguished 20-year career in the military to all benefits and any future work. If convicted as a sex offender, you could even be limited to where you live. Our team of rape defense attorneys created a solid and aggressive criminal defense , with experts and private investigators, along with other critical resources to prove the innocence of our client from the sex crime charges. We took the case to trial and won! It was declared NOT guilty on all accounts!


Trials for sex crime related charges are usually cases of “he said, she said” in which the jury must decide between the word of the victim-defendants. The sex crime accusations are made even more complex when they involve children, who are highly impressionable. Before considering a guilty plea to a sex crime , make sure you fully understand all the consequences of a sexual conviction, including the public record of sex offenders throughout life. Learn more about the best  Los Angeles criminal defense attorney .

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In general, there is no plea agreement acceptable for most sexual offenses, due to the lifetime sex offender registry. Every individual convicted of a sex-related felony, including rape, possession of child pornography, and oral copulation or lascivious actions with a child, is required to register. These sex crimes cases must be combated with an overwhelming legal defense team of the best sex crime attorneys with experience in this specific area.

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Defense Strategy

Defending sex crimes or sex offenses is different from other types of sex crime and requires very specific techniques and the experience of the best sex crimes lawyer . An effective team of sex crime defense attorneys often employs psychologists, forensic computer experts, and private investigators with the ability to use these tools in an effective manner. A criminal defense strategy for sex crimes may consist in denying the false allegations of sexual conduct or that the sexual act did not involve the accused. DNA and other forensic evidence can be used to support this sex crime defense. Another defense strategy for sex crimes is to argue that the act was consensual. This requires qualified argumentation from your Los Angeles sex crime lawyer and may depend especially on the use of psychologists, witnesses, and specialized private investigation services. However, the law imposes harsher punishments if the victim is a minor. The legal penalties of a statutory rape case will depend on the circumstances. Learn more information about sex crimes defense from our federal lawyers in Los Angeles .

The most common charges:

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LibertyBell Law Group was founded by criminal defense attorneys who have a history of creating the best arguments and winning cases of sex crimes. Our lawyers are aware of the fact that thousands of people still suffer life-altering consequences of sex crimes because they do not have the possibility of employing an adequate defense. Our lawyers for sex crimes came together to level the playing field. Our attorneys have extensive experience in delicate, sensitive, and highly challenging sex crime cases. Our sex crime attorneys are legal veterans with all the resources they need to get the best results for our clients accused of sex crimes.


Child seduction or instigation refers specifically to instances in which an individual who is over the age of 18 who is also a guardian, adoptive parent or grandparent, custodian, stepparent, or childcare worker for a child engages with or solicits a minor for any type of sexual contact. Without a statutory rape defense attorney, Los Angeles residents charged with child molestation and seduction can face up to 364 days of jail time or six years of imprisonment — especially if they’re three years older than the victim. Moreover, convicted felons will likely have to register as sex offenders.

Child pornography includes any visual depiction of sexual conduct which includes a person who is less than 18 years old. Also referred to as child sex abuse images, child pornography is considered a form of child exploitation and is punished very harshly. It is illegal to produce, distribute, import, receive, or possess child pornography in any form. The possession of child pornography is a serious crime —e specially if the contents involve minors under 12 years old. Accused individuals will need a seasoned LA sex crime defense attorney. Otherwise, they could end up spending 15 to 30 years in prison if the court deems them guilty.

“Date rape” refers to unlawful sexual intercourse which occurs doing a social engagement between to individuals. Often, the California sex offender or rapist creates conditions which make the victim more susceptible, such as dosing the victim with drugs (known as drug-facilitated sexual assault or DFSA). Date rape cases can be difficult to prosecute because there is often a relationship between the victim and the rapist. The possible penalties stemming from date rape lawsuits vary on a case-by-case basis. The minimum retribution is one year of imprisonment, but the accused could end up with a life sentence if their case involves illegal substances, sex trafficking, and child molestation.

Each state has laws that require individuals convicted of sex crimes to register with law enforcement. There are rules regarding where sex offenders can live and where they can go in public. For example, many states ban sex offenders from living near schools and playgrounds. Sex offenders who fail to register or abide by state laws can be charged with a crime. If the underlying offense involves a felony, individuals who failed to comply with California’s sex offender guidelines could get up to three years of imprisonment. However, experienced California sex offender attorneys can plead misdemeanor failure and minimize the sentence to one year.

Obscenity refers specifically to the unlawful distribution of materials that are considered obscene. However, what is considered to be obscene varies by state and has changed over time. An individual may be charged with obscenity if they distribute pornographic material in an unsolicited manner, or if they put pornography on public display, for example. Distributing obscene materials to minors under 16 could lead to 10 years of imprisonment. However, this is the maximum sentence. An experienced sex crime defense attorney in Los Angeles can reduce the sentence if the case involves minimal distribution.

Lewd and lascivious behavior is any type of behavior that is considered crude, offenses, or contrary to moral standards by the general public. Public nudity, exposure of one’s genitalia, solicitation for prostitution, displaying pornography in public spaces, and other acts that are considered indecent are forms of lewd and lascivious behavior. For accused individuals over 18, lewd and lascivious behavior classifies as a second felony. As such, the court can charge up to 15 years of imprisonment, $10,000 in fines, and another 15 years of sex offender probation.

Sexual abuse occurs when an individual forces or coerces anyone into unwanted sexual behavior. An instance of immediate sexual abuse is typically referred to as sexual assault. Child sexual abuse or child molestation refers to any type of sexual behavior by an adult or older adolescent toward a child. In some instances, this behavior may be prosecuted as statutory rape. Accused individuals who have been convicted of child abuse in the past 10 years should consult a rape defense lawyer immediately. The court typically sentences them with harsher punishments.

Marital rape, also known as partner rape or spousal rape, refers to nonconsensual sexual intercourse that occurs within the context of a marriage or domestic partnership. Marital rape is also considered a form of domestic violence. Most states, including California, prosecute rape and marital rape in the same way. Marital rape has a maximum sentence of 10 years jail time. However, note that felons convicted of marital rape are often required to register as sex offenders — which might turn away future romantic prospects.

Rape is a type of sexual offense. It refers to sexual intercourse that occurs without the consent of at least one of the participants. Examples include when an individual uses physical force, intimidation, threats, or duress to force someone into sexual intercourse, when the victim lacked the capacity or ability to consent, when the victim was unconscious or otherwise unaware that the intercourse was occurring, and when the victim was coerced into intercourse through fraud. Individuals accused of rape can face up to eight years of imprisonment — 13 if the case involves a minor.

Sexual assault occurs when the sex offender touches another person sexually without their consent, coerces them into unwanted sexual contact, or physically forces them to engage in sexual conduct against their will. It encompasses any type of unwanted sexual contact. Other sex crime cases, such as rape, groping, and child sexual abuse are considered forms of sexual assault. Accused individuals simultaneously facing first- and second-degree sexual assault charges can receive two to three decades of imprisonment. Moreover, convicted felons will likely have to register as sex offenders.

In California, statutory rape occurs when an individual over the age of consent has sexual intercourse or engages in sexual activity with someone who is under the age of consent. “Age of consent” refers to the age an individual can legally consent to sexual acidity. In California, the age of consent is 18. In California, statutory rape charged as a misdemeanor leads to a year of county jail time, plus a $1,000 fine. However, the retribution can spike up to three years of imprisonment in county jail and $10,000 in fines if the charges elevate to a felony.

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As a client, you can now turn to both the talents and the resources of very successful sex crime lawyers with the goal of obtaining the best results in your case. Our sex crime defense lawyers are the best and ready to defend you both inside and outside the courtroom. Early intervention is the key to our mutual success. Contact our sex crimes defense lawyers at (877) 545-3127 for a free consultation.

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I hired this law firm in 2014 for my son who was facing 16 years in prison for a felony robbery. Lina Helou answered all our questions. I was extremely distraught regarding what my son was facing but Lina comforted me and told me that it would be okay. And thank goodness LibertyBell saved my son from going to jail and they were able to obtain only 3 years of probation. I could not have hired a better law firm for my son and if you want the best defense call LibertyBell Law Group. Thank God for this great group of lawyers.

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My father had found this group through his company and coworkers. I was assigned Gina Tennen and I cannot explain in just a review on how gratefull I am to be working with her. My case was an accusation of unlawful sex. This had looked extremely bad on my part since I was in a fraternity and she was in a sorority. During these times with Greek life, there are too many bad stigmas surrounding these organizations. Gina had believed in me and knew that I was innocent and that these accusations just were not true. She took her time to review all of my evidence and proved my innocence. I totally recommend this law group because they are willing to put in the work to help your situation.

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When I first heard I was under a criminal investigation, I initially thought I would try and resolve this in the best way possible, without legal representation, as we were all interested in a "just" outcome. I quickly discovered that was not the case and contacted Gina at LibertyBell. She clearly described the expectations and the choices available to me. She was always available to me, and when I called, if she couldn't talk with me at that time, she would quickly get back to me. Gina always kept me fully aware of how the case was proceeding. Her fee's were stipulated up front, as well as what those fees covered and what they did not.

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Attorney Gina Tennen was on point from day one putting pressure on the sherrif's office to get things handled. With Child molestation accusatinos being thrown around Gina and Attorney Castro were great at keeping the pressure on and had no charges filled. The DCFS indications were appealed and we won with flying colors. Great service, great work, and will use again for all legal matters.

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Being involved in legal matters can be scary. When researching who to put my trust in, I came across Liberty and I am glad that I did. From the first time that I met with Gina and her team she made me feel comfortable and listened to all that I had to say. She assured me that her team would be on it and that they would do everything that they could! A little while in, Alan took over my case. When meeting with him you can tell that this is his passion and I immediately knew he was going to do everything in his power to make the outcome right! He was relentless and worked day and night working on the case. He kept in constant communication with me and truly cared not only about me but about my family as well. I am forever grateful for the support that this whole team has given me and would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for truly the best lawyers!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do sex crime lawyers do?

    Sex crime lawyers protect the rights of people accused of sex crimes. They help defendants get the best possible outcome for their cases by researching the case, finding potential defenses, and advocating for them in court. Being charged with a sex crime can be stressful and has serious potential consequences, but your lawyer can help you navigate the situation and approach the case in the best way possible.

  • Is a sex offense a federal crime?

    Some sex offenses are federal crimes, while others are state crimes. It depends on which laws the offense violates. It’s also possible that a crime will violate both state and federal laws. Generally, more serious cases are handled at the federal level. If a case starts out at the state level, it may be sent to federal court as it progresses. Cases involving minors and crossed state lines are considered more severe than others, and they’re more likely to be sent to federal court. It’s possible to be tried by both courts without violating double jeopardy laws, because state and federal courts are each considered a sovereign entity. Though this is unlikely, it’s important to be aware of the possibility that a case can be tried both federally and at the state level.

  • What constitutes a sex crime in California?

    Sex crimes include a wide range of forced or illegal sex acts, including rape. It can also include nonviolent offenses like exposing yourself to someone or soliciting a prostitute. It also include sexual contact with children or possession of child pornography, which generally carries the harshest penalties. Date rape, sexual battery, and lewd conduct are other examples of sex crimes. Inducing sex by fraud is another example of a sex crime that’s less commonly known.

  • What is the new law for sex offenders in California?

    In January of 2021, California created a three-tiered system for sexual offenses. With this new system, many sexual offenses no longer require lifelong registry as a sex offender. The first tier includes the most minor offenses, such as non-violent offenses, misdemeanors, and more. Instead of being on the sex offender registry for life, these offenders are required to register for a minimum ten years. Those convicted in juvenile court only need to register for five years. Tier two is mid-tier offenses, including sexual contact with minors. These offenses will entail registration for twenty years or more. For juvenile offenders, the minimum is ten years. Tier three includes the most serious offenses, including sex crimes involving force, unconscious victims, and children under 12. Offenders of this type will need to remain on the sex offender registry for the rest of their lives.

  • What is considered a non-violent sex offense in California?

    Sex crimes can be divided into the violent and non-violent. Violent sex crimes cause harm to another person, while non-violent crimes do not. These include public urination, indecent exposure, public indecency, prostitution, lewd conduct, and more. This type of crime is often regarded as less serious, with less severe punishments.