Everyone needs to prevent identity theft. Identity theft can happen to anyone. Stealing someone’s identity can give a criminal access to bank accounts and savings, credit accounts, the ability to establish new lines of credit, and even receive medical care under another person’s name. You can take steps to help prevent identity theft, identify if…

Need a drunk driving lawyer? We can help. Being convicted of a DUI can change everything in your life. A DUI conviction can cause you financial problems, impact your work or ability to get work and cause tension between you and your loved ones. A DUI conviction will go on your record for a minimum…

Being falsely accused of assault can ruin your life. An accusation alone can cause problems in the workplace, which can result in losing your job. A simple accusation can even cause problems between you and your loved ones. If you have been falsely accused of assault, you must take action to protect yourself and your…

If you’ve been charged with, arrested for, or accused of breaking looting laws under California Penal Code Section 463, contact a federal criminal defense attorney right away. There are severe penalties for those convicted of looting or breaking other laws under this code and by working with the best criminal lawyer in Los Angeles, you…



If the police have contacted you regarding a crime, get a criminal lawyer now to help prevent charges from being filed.



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